Artwork and Works in Progress of Shinerai from DeviantART.

So I did these things to my most recent submission just to see what’s going on, I guess. There’s actually not a real reason I did this but since I never post on tumblr, I thought I’d post this :) Maybe it’ll help someone? doing this to a finished piece actually helped me figure out a lot about it. I should do it next time in the beginning stages, aha!

The first image is simply the finished version of the picture.

The second image is values only; before I colored it.

The third image is the silhouette, so I can check out how I used the negative space.

The fourth image is just like a flowy thing. Don’t know if it has a name, but just to see how the eye moves and make sure that the flow lines don’t make any weird tangents with each other.

The last image is a grid, since we like to look in thirds; to see if I accurately spread the points of interest onto portions of the image that we like to look at.

I have all kinds of free time this week! Gonna get to posting more C:

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